How to differentiate a practice - make it attractive to a hospital system -  and become affiliated with them.

Positioning an Urgent Care for a Successful Hospital Affiliation.


Hospital systems and provider organizations have taken notice of the 8,000+ urgent care clinics in the United States. Many have created partnerships and affiliate relationships to fill a critical gap in their healthcare ecosystems, demonstrating a unique and distinct predisposition to buy versus build.


The answer can be found by looking  at each of the deals in this business analysis to understand the dynamics that are driving decision-making on the part of the hospital system and provider organization.


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All of the announcements were surrounded by messaging that promoted patient convenience, quality care and affordability. Underlying the external benefits are a number of internal organizational opportunities that provide insight into strategies around how an expanded ecosystem enables provider organizations to increase patient flow and insulate them from competitive threats -- driving revenue and market share. In addition, positive customer experiences increase awareness and brand equity, which in turn drives revenue, patient loyalty (keeping patients within the system) and market share.


Affiliate relationships accelerate the opportunity for hospital systems to expand their presence in communities as well as their ability to offer expanded services by integrating a lower-cost resource into the care continuum. Urgent cares benefit from referrals, branding and increased patient flow.


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