FlexChart™ is a cloud-based, real-time charting solution for Emergency Departments that instantly captures data, so clinicians can make better decisions.


FlexChart™ is a cloud-based, real-time charting application, accessible from any device with a browser. Using FlexChart, physicians capture clinical data at the bedside easily into the patient's chart, eliminating redundant data entry and dramatically improving productivity.

Exclusively designed to support the unique workflow of the Emergency Department. FlexChart supports emergency physicians with clear, reliable patient information and tools so they can base care and disposition decisions on data that accurately represent patient needs.

FlexChart provides accessibility and visibility and flexibility. Our unique platform allows ED physicians to view in-process and completed charts without having to click through multiple screens. The clinical staff has one location to view charts so there is no risk that charts will be misplaced or lost. The FlexChart application includes a flexible set of rules based on algorithms that display real-time analysis, essential for supporting productivity and quality measures.

Our software is flexible, so we can easily tailor the chart layout to fit the needs of any organization, or build in additional rules to reflect the way physicians may need to chart specific patient populations.

FlexChart supports the full continuum of care. Seamlessly and successfully integrated with all hospital information systems, FlexChart, like Edaris Health’s other cloud-based solutions, has achieved a high level of performance in clinical, patient and financial management in the ED, up to and including post-discharge. 


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