EngageCare is a secure, fast and easy way for patients to pay their bills online and access a summary of their health information.

Online Secure Messaging

Edaris EngageCare comes with a robust secure messaging system so you can reach out to patients without picking up the phone.

Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Because traditional email is unencrypted, sending any Protected Health Information over traditional email is a violation of HIPAA. By contrast, our secure messaging all takes place on our secured servers so all information is encrypted both at rest and in transit across the internet. This enables you to act in compliance with sending any information you want to patients, including Protected Health Information.

Patients are Notified to Check the Portal

Patients are unlikely to check your patient portal every day, so they receive a simple email notification every time they have a message from your clinic.

  • Send secure messages to fellow staff or patients
  • Patients are notified every time they have a message waiting
  • Use secure messaging to notify patients of lab results, share clinical updates or conduct administrative business
  • Works great both for large clinics and highly personalized clinics that want to communicate securely and conveniently with patients.

No Rambling Messages Allowed

Patients can receive secure messages and respond to them, but they cannot initiate a secure message unless they use a "Send a Secured Message" form that your clinic configures. That prevents patients from sending open-ended messages that are not useful, instead focusing them on providing exactly the inforamtion you need to meaningfully respond to their inquiry.

Automatically Route Messages

Use powerful routing rules to push secure messages to exactly the right member of your administrative or clinical staff.


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