EngageCare is a secure, fast and easy way for patients to pay their bills online and access a summary of their health information.

Online Patient Forms

Makes Lengthy Registration Forms Easier for Your Patients

Patients often struggle with cumbersome paper forms for many reasons, including entering redundant informaiton, numerous forms to write and being physically ill while filling out forms. With online registration forms, patients fill out everything from the comfort of home with simple point-and-click.

Collect Higher-Quality Patient Intake Data

Patients often forget information like medications and their primary care provider's office address, leading to inaccurate data. With online forms, patients can easily look up any missing information to make sure you receive higher quality data.

Shift Data Entry Work from Staff to Patients

Patients are happy to enter their own informaiton and will often take mre care in doing so than distracted office staff pulled in multiple directions. With online forms, your patients do the data entry so staff doesn't have to.

Dramatically Reduce Staff Forms Processing Time

Staff need only review the information patients have entered, which can lead to significant reductions in forms processing time.

Customize Output

Your staff and clinicians dictate how printed forms look. Physicians can quickly glean exactly the information they need from a patient-submitted online medical history form.


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