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Full Integration with Leading Practice Management Software

Get a Complete View of Business and Clinical Data

From registration to discharge – enabling advanced databased practice management.

Unlike other Electronic Medical Records, UrgiChart provides immediate, easy access to information that informs clinical insights, provider productivity, and true practice management, by answering questions based on a complete, connected view of clinical and business data. UrgiChart is completely – and seamlessly -- integrated with leading practice management software so you benefit from closed-loop data-capture that begins at registration and flows through to discharge.

Using UrgiChart as your EMR gives you the freedom to structure your practice management and billing systems in the way that makes the most financial and clinical sense for your practice, without losing access to any of the data necessary to manage your practice efficiently.

The hand-off to Billing systems – whether internal or third-party external services is seamless, allowing you to benefit from the most advantageous relationship that offers advanced scheduling, patient registration, billing, claims management and in-depth reporting. Integrated charge capture improves accuracy, increases revenue and accelerates billing cycles.

Order Entry and Procedure Documentation drives appropriate and accurate charging. Automated time stamps for all infusions, meds and procedures add detail and depth to documentation and support third-party billing.

LogixHealth provides ­urgent care clinics with an expert practice management and revenue cycle management solution that optimizes practice performance and maximizes the speed and amount of collections. LogixHealth's complete solution unifies all processes including insurance contracting support, provider enrollment, patient registration, patient eligibility, clinical chart documentation, expert coding, claim submission, insurance follow-up, and self-pay collections.

UrgiCareMD is a comprehensive EHR/Practice Management solution that combines the power of UrgiChart's urgent care EMR with Henry Schein Medical's MicroMD Practice Management solution, providing Urgent Care practices with a single, complete system to manage the administrative and clinical workflow from registration through documentation, discharge, exitcare and billing -- efficiently and easily.

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