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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner! Time for spooky costumes, silly jokes, and sweet sweet candy.

According to the The American College of Emergency Physicians  “Emergency departments do typically see an uptick in visits on Halloween. Some of the most common injuries are motor vehicle accidents, falls or hand lacerations from pumpkin carving mishaps." [1]

Edaris Health appoints Brad Crist to lead UrgiChart Sales Division

Edaris Health, a leading provider of cloud-enabled SaaS solutions for healthcare, is pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Crist as Sales Manager.

Brad will be joining our growing team of healthcare and technology professionals passionate about serving the needs of urgent care clinics and emergency departments and the patients they serve.

Positioning Urgent Care Practices for Successful Hospital Affiliations

How does a practice differentiate itself - make it attractive to a hospital system - and become affiliated with them?

Hospital systems and provider organizations have taken notice of the 8,000+ urgent care clinics in the United States. Many have created partnerships and affiliate relationships to fill a critical gap in their healthcare ecosystems, demonstrating a unique and distinct predisposition to buy versus build. The answer can be found by looking at each of the deals in this business analysis to understand the dynamics that are driving decision-making on the part of the hospital system and provider organization

The products and services of Edaris change the way both patients access and providers deliver health care by leveraging the power of technology to streamline operations while maximizing the delivery of timely, high quality care.