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Edaris Health: An Urgent Care Game-ChangerEdaris Screen Shots

Edaris Health is focused on solving the challenges of urgent and non-scheduled care. For more than ten years, we have developed scalable, secure cloud-based solutions that meet the unique needs and workflows of fast-paced healthcare environments.

Based on technology originally developed by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC/Harvard) in Boston over the course of ten years, Edaris Health continues to innovate solutions to achieve the delivery of quality care, easily and efficiently, while optimizing outcomes on the business side of healthcare. 

We maintain a leading edge in technology development by staying close to the needs of active practitioners in emergency medicine and HCIT, cultivating deep relationships with clinicians, thought leaders, educators and industry change agents.

The Edaris technology solutions, UrgiChart and FlexChart, enable clinicians and other health care providers to better serve patients who are seeking unscheduled and flexible access to care without compromising quality in care delivery.  The company’s products are deployed at numerous teaching and community hospitals and Urgent Care Centers across the U.S.

The Edaris suite of solutions supports the unique workflow and continually changing demands of fast paced care environments, addressing significant customer needs not met by other clinical information systems.

The clinical applications provided by Edaris are based on software technology developed at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), a tertiary care hospital affiliate of Harvard Medical School over a period of ten years by emergency physicians and healthcare information technology specialists. BIDMC continues to serve as the company’s Research and Development partner, providing an invaluable resource to constantly improve the Edaris suite of software solutions from clinical insights in a real-world setting.

Edaris also provides hospitals, clinics, provider networks, and private practices with convenient, cost-effective, and user-friendly online patient portal solutions. The Edaris patient engagement platform, EngageCare, is more than just a way for patients to securely contact practices online, it makes it faster and easier for patients to pay their bills, gives patients a more convenient alternative to using the phone, and engages patients in their care by granting automated access to a summary of their health information.

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