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We have deep expertise developing emergency care EMRs using our intuitive approach to clinical informatics.  Our cloud-based saas services demonstrate our understanding of complex workflows and interdependent processes of non-scheduled and urgent care.  

Edaris Health's SaaS solutions: 

  • Support physicians 
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Ensure efficiency
  • Improve quality of care   




Originally developed by Emergency Department physicians, our urgent care software and technology solutions meet the unique workflow and continually changing demands of fast- paced care environments, and addresses significant customer needs not met by other clinical information systems.

UrgiChart delivers: 

  • Fast Charting
  • Easy On-boarding
  • Quality Care
  • Performance Metrics

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Urgi Chart

UrgiChart helps capture, prioritize and disseminate patient information according to the “logic” of unscheduled care as it is actually practiced by top urgent care providers. This free standing urgent care EHR solution integrates with a diverse array of billing, practice management and lab systems freeing up more time for patient interaction, streamlining decision making and improving productivity.


FlexChart is powerful emergency room software designed by ED physicians for ED physicians. The FlexChart online EMR application includes many innovative tools that seek to reduce the burden of charting, that improve the collection and presentation of clinically useful information, and help meet billing, medical-legal, and quality requirements making it easier to take care of patients.

Engage Care

EngageCare creates an outstanding online patient experience for healthcare organizations across the full patient relationship lifecycle, starting from the moment a patient seeks out a new provider, continuing through the patient intake process, and onward to the ongoing doctor-patient relationship. We make it seem easy, both for the patient and for the provider.


Certification Information

Achieving key certifications with industry standards is all about supporting our clients in perusing their goals.  It helps practitioners working on our system to feel confident in the safely and security that comes with the most up to date certifications. See our full certification information here.  

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