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Edaris Health’s Destinee Mack Featured on MicroMD

Edaris Health’s own Destinee Mack was recently featured as an author for MicroMD. On their Healthcare Blog, she wrote an article about how best to start an urgent care center. Destinee is the Director for Business Development here at Edaris Health, and has 15 years of experience with healthcare enterprise implementation, product management and sales of healthcare information systems. Below is an excerpt from her post:

Destinee Mack, Director of Business Development

One of the first questions a physician asks himself (or herself) when considering opening an Urgent Care center, is whether they should embark on this journey alone, or as part of a team. Go it alone? Franchise? Partner? We’ll leave the franchise discussion for another time, and focus on the pros and cons of working with a group of like-minded physicians and/or business partners.

According to the African proverb, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This could easily apply to opening and managing an Urgent Care center. Many physicians find it preferable to forma  group to undertake the challenge because of the innumerable tasks – medical and non-medical – that must be undertaken to be successful. Great physicians may not always be great entrepreneurs, and for that reason, it is advantageous to divide-and-conquer, and leverage the individual strength of team members.

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